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Our Standards

Our Ethics

Buying our pedigree Gloucester Old Spot pork substantially alleviates the demand for intensively produced pork. Mass produced pork, such as that seen on our supermarket shelves, for a relatively inexpensive price can sometimes hugely compromise the environmental and physiological need of the pigs. We understand that all our animals are conscious beings and as such they live a natural and uncompromised life.

“All their freedoms are respected and needs accepted”.(K.Pitman. 2007)

Happy Pigs in Mud

Our Methods

The Gloucester Old Spot pig is a hardy native pig that is well adapted to a free range life. They are slow to mature and as such we allow them time to mature at their own pace. Some intensive methods of pig farming only allow the pigs to mature up to 18weeks. Our extensive system however allows much longer life and produces far superior pork.

Our Gloucester Old Spot pigs thrive in an outdoor system, with plenty of shelter from the elements and wallows to soak in summer. At the end of the day the pigs ‘spoon’ together in their deep bedded arcs. 

Pigs spooning at night

Our Health and Welfare

With a resident Animal Health and Welfare Inspector on board it is hard to go wrong really!

We look after all our animals above and beyond the Ministry's recommended codes of welfare. None of our pigs ever experience the routine mutilations of intensive farming such as tail docking, teeth clipping, castration, or nose rings.

The mixing of unfamiliar groups can be very stressful for a pig so, when a litter is born, the piglets will stay with mum until they are 10 weeks and there after stay with the litter for the rest of their lives foraging and grazing together. They have adequate space to allow full behavioural repertoires without the stereotypic bullying of indoor systems.

Old Spot Pigs Feeding

We are a closed herd and do not hire our stock out, or hire in for breeding.

Stress can have a dramatic effect on meat quality and we understand that some pigs can find being transported a bit of an ordeal. To reduce the effects of any stress we only use our local abattoir, just 10minutes down the road. We NEVER use livestock markets or subject our animals to showing (We know they are the best!)

Above all they always have fresh water, lots of food, and plenty of enrichment, and prompt treatment of any illnesses or ailments using, where possible, natural remedies.

Our Goals

  • To keep happy pigs. and produce the finest pork available, for everyone to enjoy.
  • To prove that farming is still an optional way of making a living.  
  • Keep local food local. Support local producers in this time of supermarket rule.
  • Reduce excessive food miles.
  • Cut out the middle man.

Free Range Gloucester Old Spot Pork