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Free Range Pork Shoulder (Boston Butt Cut)

Free Range Pork Shoulder (Boston Butt Cut)

  • £5000

If you want Pulled Pork then look no further than our Free Range Rare Breed Boston Butt Shoulder of pork. It is the Ultimate of all Pork cuts when it comes to Pulled Pork recipes. This cut incorporates the Spare Rib Cut and the shoulder blade, the skin is removed and the fat is scored ready for the seasoning. We only sell Boston Butts in whole joints weighing 4kg per joint. You do however have the choice to have the joint unseasoned so you can experiment with different flavours or seasoned using our secret blend of herbs and spices! 

Check out our blog page to find out how we do it for various catering occasions!

Each 4kg Boston Butt joint should provide 30 portions of Pulled Pork....... Enjoy!

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